How I Send and Receive International Mail via PHLPost aka Post Office

DISCLAIMER: This post is a mix of my personal experience and information from PHLPost.

[UPDATED FOR 2022] Throughout the years of collecting journaling materials like washi tapes, stickers, and ephemera, there are times that I end up having a box of stationery that don’t spark joy anymore. In order to lessen my space and have new materials, swap or sell my preloved stationery in the local craft community by courier or during meetups.

Last 2019, I posted on Instagram that I was looking for a new stationery swap. I did not expect to receive 2 messages from Canada and Australia. Swapping stationery overseas has not come into my mind but I agreed to the swap. I was excited to correspond to a fellow craft lover from another country and at the same time, exchange presents! The first thing that came into mind when it comes to international mail is our post office.

PHLPost, or the Philippines’ postal office, is the place to go to send postcards, letters, and packages all over the world because it is more affordable and traditional. Sending postcards is easy because postcards are priced at a fixed rate, but things can be a bit tricky when you can send a letter: especially if you plan to add some flat extras for your pen pal.

Here is a walkthrough on how I did it and added some information you might need to know.

Happy mail from Australia!
Here is what I received from my penpal from Australia!
Happy mail from Canada!
This is what is inside my package from a penpal from Canada.

What can I send my pen pal?

You are sending a snail mail so a simple letter is definitely part of the package! You can send almost any flat stationery! You can also send you own artwork for a more personal touch.

Inside my envelope has washi samples, stickers, paper clip bookmark, and of course a letter.
The goodies I prepared!
DIY Envelope with 12x12 cardstock
Here is a DIY envelope I made using 12×12 cardstock.

Some ideas include:

  • washi samples
  • stickers
  • ephemera/die cuts
  • cardstocks
  • postcards
  • bookmarks
  • old postage stamps
  • pictures
  • own artwork like sketch or painting

What can’t I send to my pen pal?

Different countries have different regulations. Stationery is generally safe to send but if your swap buddy requests other items such as pressed plants, coins, or items that can promote propaganda, you may have to check if the country of destination allows receiving the items.

What can’t I receive from my pen pal?


  • Coins; currency notes or securities of any kind payable to bearer; traveler’s checks; platinum, gold, or silver (whether manufactured or not); precious stones; or other valuable articles.
  • Firearms and weapons and parts thereof including replicas of weapons; ammunition.
  • Gambling devices.
  • Liquids, easily liquefiable items, and glass or similarly fragile articles.
  • Lottery tickets, circulars, or advertisements relating to lotteries.
  • Perishable infectious biological substances.
  • Perishable noninfectious biological substances.
  • Radioactive materials.


Where can I find penpals?

How do I write a letter?

There is no strict format when it comes to writing letters so feel free to express yourself! When it comes to writing the addresses at the cover of the envelope though, you may have to follow a format. It is advisable that the address is written legibly or printed so that the address will not be misread.

The delivery address is where your letter will be sent. Although not necessary at times, the return address at the upper left part of your envelope is where your address is. It is sometimes optional but there are times where the postmaster may ask you at times to write the return address.

Why go to PHLPost?

What’s the difference between ordinary and registered mail?

How much would it cost to send an overseas mail?

Before anything else, keep in mind that any letter that will exceed 2000 grams will already be considered a package.

The cost of sending a letter abroad will depend on three things:

  • the weight of your package (by grams)
  • the country of destination, and
  • ordinary or registered mail services.

It would be helpful to have a digital kitchen scale to weigh your letters because a 101g letter can already cost more than twice as much sending a 99g letter. 2 grams can make a huge difference.

PHLPost rates for registered and ordinary mail service.
Photo by PHLPost

What is the difference between postage and metered mail?

Postage mail are simply stamps that you stick to your mail and it has a variety of value and designs. Some stamps are even limited edition! Metered mail uses a meter mail machine to stamp the exact postage compared to individually sticking postage stamps. Most people who are into penpalling prefer postage stamps for the aesthetic and it can be a collectible!

Postage mail with lots of stamps
There’s something special about receiving your mail with postage stamps!

Postage and metered stamps will cost you the same. If your package costs Php191 to send, you will either stick Php191 worth of postage stamps or have a single metered stamp of the same value. If you will end up having to put too much stamps though, it would be advisable to just go for the metered stamp.

How long will it take to receive the package?

it usually take 2-4 weeks to receive a package, depending on the sender’s address and the type of delivery. It may as quick as 1 week from Taiwan, 2-3 weeks from US, Canada and Australia and more than a month from India and Russia.

Will my incoming package go through customs?

Is there a handling fee for happy mails?

When you will only receive a letter or postcard, you don’t have to worry about handling fees. Things becomes tricky when you send an envelope with some goodies. You may or may not be charged.

Last June 16, 2021, PHLPost announced on their Facebook post that they will stop sending notification cards and will deliver parcel to your doorsteps. Here are the steps for customs tax-free parcels:

  1. Parcels and letters that are tax free will be directly delivered door-to-door to the delivery address.
  2. The receiver will be charged Php112 as payment for Presentation to Customs Charge (PTCC)

There are reports that some charge an additional Php100 for delivery charges apparently, but I cannot verify this myself.

Why do we pay Php 112?

This is a regular fee that is collected by post offices around the world.

TL;DR: Whether you have a handling fee or not will actually depend on what your sender has prepared for you and how your sender will prepare and send your package.

How can I avoid paying for a swap letter?

This will depend on your sender. Aside from avoiding (as much as possible) inbound mails with an attached CN22/23, the package is not recommended to appear as if it has something taxable inside. It is not recommended that letters should appear too bulky or have a plastic/bubble wrap. Avoid signs like “Fragile” or “Do Not Fold.” A sturdy and well-packed envelope is more than enough. And it has to be as flat as possible.

COVID Reminders

As of September 4, 2022, here is the list of acceptance of outgoing international mails by air:

If you have any clarifications, corrections or questions, or if you want to be penpals or swap with me, do leave a comment or contact me! 😉

Updated 04 September 2022. This post will be updated on a regular basis.

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17 thoughts on “How I Send and Receive International Mail via PHLPost aka Post Office

  1. I just started penpaling and I really wanna send thru PHLPost and this helped me a lot po. Thank you very much! and also, can we be pen pals?


  2. Hi i have a Penpal from the US and it’s my first time sending letters and postcards to her reading your blog post helped me have an idea on what to do. Hopefully the charges hasn’t gone up that much. I was planning to add little gift together with my letter but then I realized i should try an ordinary mail first so I don’t get overwhelmed by the charges and since it’s my first time i should take the easy route first. Anyways, thanks!!


  3. Hii! Would sending stickers or prints through ordinary mail will not cost additional handling fees? I am planning to sell stickers online and plan to use PHLPost for my deliveries (for local only. Thank you!


    1. Hi! Things can go a little different if you will be sending stickers locally. It may usually not have extra charges (unless someone orgers a huuuge bulk) BUT sending your stickers via PHLPost is slower compared to other couriers. You have to consider the pros and cons of sending it via PHLPost instead of other local couriers


  4. Hi! Will the mail be delivered to the recipient at their doorstep or do they need to go to their post office to claim my mail? I hope you could answer.


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