27 Planner and Journal Covers That Are Made in the Philippines

DISCLAIMER: This article is a directory of shops intended for informative purposes only. This is not a review of their products and services and is not a paid or sponsored article.

Updated 15 August 2021. This post is updated on a regular basis.

When it comes to planners and journals, most of us would want to have a cover that could protect our precious memories. Our planners reflect who we are as well, so people who are really into journaling and planning choose a mini version of themselves in a form of a notebook.

I have browsed through Facebook, Shopee, and Instagram to find local shops in the Philippines that make planner covers…and to my surprise, there are a lot! Different shops offer different kinds of materials for your planner and journal covers from genuine leather, vegan leather, epoxy resin, fabric, felt, wood, plastic, and recycled materials! One thing I love about our local shops is that they offer the same quality of planner covers that can compare to international shops at the fraction of the price! I have personally switched all my foreign planner brands to local ones. They are that good!

Here is a list of shops that I know of that makes covers:

1. Mrs. P

Mrs. P. started in 2015 with an idea to make planners that don’t peel, frustrated with planners that flake in time. Her very customized planner/journal covers are made of genuine leather and are made to order. She also accepts orders with custom designs made by yourself to make your covers a true one-of-a-kind piece!

Materials: Crazy horse, nappa, pullside/pull up, burgaroo, and embossed cowhide leather

Sizes offered: All Happy Planner sizes, all Travelers Notebook sizes, all Hobonichi and Midori sizes, BDJ, and other planner sizes as long as dimensions are provided

2. Diwa Leather Crafts

Diwa Leather Crafts opened amidst the pandemic by a hobbyist-crafter couple. With one doing leather crafting and the other injecting ideas, they released their own travelers’ notebooks that are sturdy and long-lasting.

Materials: Full grain vegetable tanned leather; other kinds of leather and Italian leather available by request

Sizes Offered: Travelers Notebook in Regular, Passport, Pocket/Field Notes, A6, B6, and A5

3. Noted Journal PH

The shop started with a love for stationeries since childhood so in 2015 while working in film & TV production, Noted Journal PH started to make journals with only Php5000 as its first capital. Now, it is one of the most popular local planner shops to get planners, planner covers, washi tapes, sticker designs, notebooks, leather accessories, and other craft materials!

Materials: Vegan leather

Sizes Offered: Rings in A5, B6, Personal Wide, Personal, and Pocket; Travelers Notebook in A5, Standard, B6, A6, Pocket, Passport, and Micro; Happy Planner in Classic, Mini and Micro and Hobonichi in Cousin (A5), Weeks and Techno (A6); other planner sizes as long as dimensions are provided

4. 11:11 Handmade

It started when she first saw a Japanese brand of travelers journal and it only offered two sizes. She had an idea of making journals of different sizes and during that time she kept seeing 11:11. It is believed that 11:11 is an angel number which means synchronicity, whatever your constant thought is you’re on the right path. The small shop was hence named 11:11 Handmade and the journals are called Synchronicity journals, using vegetable-tanned leather because it’s very durable and creates the beautiful patina effect.

Materials: Vegetable tanned leather

Sizes Offered: Travelers Notebook in Regular, Passport Mini, Field Notes, Personal, A6, A5, and custom sizes.

5. Chrisella09

Chrisella09 has been in the planner community for years, making planner covers, inserts, and accessories. She makes planner covers out of most materials you could think of! Aside from planner covers, they also make planner pouches for an extra layer of protection.

Materials: Leather, leatherette, fabric, jelly, and felt

Sizes offered: All Ring sizes, all Happy Planner sizes, all Travelers Notebook sizes, all Hobonichi and Midori sizes, BDJ, and other planner sizes as long as dimensions are provided

6. Oatmnl

This business started way back in 2001 when the family used to make products for various brands and join holiday bazaars yearly. They now reach a wider audience thanks to social media and finally have their own line of brands, including journals.

Materials: Vegan leather

Sizes Offered: Traveler Notebooks in A5 and Standard

7. Sunday Leathercraft

Sunday Leathercraft used to do general leathercraft until some of their clients requested Traveler’s Notebooks from standard to scallop design. The designs became a hit and she has come to love the craft so she decided to focus on making planners and journal covers that can also be painted to beautiful metallic, ombre, or color/s of your choice!

Materials: Cowhide leather

Sizes offered: All Ring sizes, all Happy Planner sizes, all Travelers Notebook sizes, all Hobonichi and Midori sizes, BDJ, and other planner sizes as long as dimensions are provided

8. Alunsina Handbound Books

It all started eleven years ago when Nadja decided to teach herself how to make her own journals, a hobby she came to love since she first received her first journal in her childhood. She was especially drawn towards traditional bookbinding techniques, and shared her newfound craft with her partner, Enan, and formed their Alunsina Handbound Books. Alunsina is named after Alunsina is a goddess in the Suludnon’s Pantheon of Gods. They have a similar design to TNs called Kislap.

Materials: Leather, Fabric, Wood

Sizes Offered: Kislap in A5, Standard, and Mini (6×4 inches)

9. Jacinto & Lirio

JACINTO & LIRIO (meaning “Hyacinth” and “Lily”), is a social enterprise that transforms a “pest” into eco-iconic JACINTO & LIRIO (meaning “Hyacinth” and “Lily”), is a social enterprise that transforms a “pest” into eco-iconic and multi-functional leather goods. The vegan leather is sustainably made from water hyacinth, with a mission to empower affected families by the water hyacinth infestation problem through livelihood generation. They offer multi-functional yet stylish conversational pieces with a lifestyle appeal for professionals, and companies who want to create a strong patriotic, environmental, and socio-ethical statement.

Materials: Vegan leather made of water hyacinths

Sizes Offered: Rings in A6, Travelers Notebook in Standard, A5 and Pocket/Filed Notes, and Hobonichi in A5, and Alamat Sleeve in L13.88″ x W10.25″

10. Shibui PH

Fascinated by functional and timeless designs, they started Shibui PH in 2016 which means simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. Their work and products adhere to four brand philosophies: modern classic, made to measure, enriching local craft, and heart for families. Shibui PH aims to elevate the Filipino leather industry to the world stage.

Materials: Full Grain Cowhide Leather

Sizes Offered: Hobonichi in A5, A6, and Weeks

11. Monchi Bonchi PH

Monchi Bonchi PH is a mom-daughter team that offers high-quality fabric covers since 2017. The combination of sewing done by a professional dressmaker and the pattern ideas made by a fellow planner lover creates high-quality, gorgeous fabric planner covers that is washable.

Materials: Woven cotton fabric with padding, water repellant fabric

Sizes offered: All Ring sizes (planner cover), all Happy Planner sizes, all Travelers Notebook sizes, all Hobonichi and Midori sizes, BDJ, and other planner sizes as long as dimensions are provided

12. Sirène Resin

The artist initially opened the shop with the goal of making resin furniture, then she ventured to make her The artist initially opened the shop with the goal of making resin furniture, then she ventured to make her own beach resin notebook as her sketch pad and annual planner. Her resin notebook became a hit and she started to accept resin journal orders ever since. The resin planners are currently made to order but readily available products will come soon.

Materials: Epoxy Resin

Sizes Offered: Rings in A5 and A7

13. Paperie Rome

Materials: Leather

Sizes Offered: Travelers Notebook in all sizes

14. Lifely

The business was inspired by making local versions of the US and Australian planners at a lower cost. Lifely released a starter kit with Personal Wide rings planner kit along with the cover, inserts, pouch bag, and accessories!

Material: Vegan leather

Sizes Offered: Rings in Personal Wide

15. Resin Art PH

The artist started resin because she wanted coasters of her own design and eventually made it into a business. The resin journals started with a client who wanted to have them custom made, and she eventually received more orders, making her resin journals one of her bestsellers.

Materials: Epoxy Resin

Sizes Offered: Rings in A5, A6, and A7. Other ring sizes also accepted.

16. Mori Notes

Materials: Upcycled denim, printed canvas, burlap, or faux leather

Sizes Offered: Pursebook (Travelers Notebook) in B6 of 5 x 7in notebook

17. Hans.Handmade

The Iloilo-based artist loves journals for travel photos and sketching as an architect. In 2016, she decided to make a journal for herself that satisfied her standards. It eventually reached her friends so she decided to sell affordable journal covers and hand-sewn notebooks.

Materials: Leatherette

Sizes Offered: Midori Notebooks, Travelers Notebook in Standard and Pocket, Hobonichi in A5 and A6, and Notebook Covers in A3, A5, A6

18. Reejcraft

Her interest in Travelers Notebooks started a few years ago when she discovered it in the local planner community. One day, she thought of making her own TN’s and eventually sell them so she practiced until she finally got the design she wanted that are long lasting as well.

Materials: Full-grain vegetable-tanned leather

Sizes Offered: Travelers Notebook in Tiny, Pocket, A6, Standard, Personal and A5.

19. Journallyours

The artist started junk journaling as a hobby and eventually got totally hooked. Initially, all the journals were just for keeping and personal collection. Later on, as the journals were shared on Instagram, inquiries popped in asking if they are on sale and if custom orders are accepted. Now, she sells some of her beautiful, one-of-a-kind junk journals.

Materials: Recycled materials, scrapbooks, with minimal purchases from art stores/shops

Sizes Offered: Standard Notebook size, Lapbook sizes, Travelers Notebook in 7″x5″

20. L A G N I A P P E

It all started back in high school when she was asked what she would name her business if she would open one. Inspired by her love of giving presents and stationery, she named it “lagniappe“, a Native American term that means giveaway. Finally, while juggling online school, she opened the shop of her dreams with a humble budget, selling handmade stationeries.

Materials: Epoxy Resin

Sizes Offered: Rings in A6 and A7

21. YHF Manila

Lead by a highly-experienced design and marketing team, YHF Manila provides a myriad range of creative products – classy yet offers value for money – treasures we love to share with others. Continuously, they innovate and deliver individually handcrafted, excellent quality creations, each with its own unique characteristics.  They take pride in these products while giving sustainable livelihood to families.

Materials: Full Grain Leather

Sizes Offered: Noto/Travelers Notebook in A6 and A5

22. trippytrippy.dvo

The Davao-based sisters started resin and dried flower art as a quarantine hobby. The resin journal/planner was inspired by the idea of making a DIY journal to suit each of our own schedules and to be able to freely decorate and doodle on it. The journals became well-loved among their friends so they started to make more planners and make it their business.

Materials: Epoxy Resin

Sizes Offered: Rings in A5

23. A R T I S A N

As an aspiring artist, she ventured into different fields of arts and crafts, exploring what really suited her until she discovered resin crafting. With only Php 1000 as capital, she watched tutorials on Youtube and practiced the craft. The resin jewelry was popular and she eventually made more pieces and made different products such as notebooks. Now, she is focused on resin crafting full-time as a growing business.

Materials: Epoxy Resin

Sizes Offered: Rings in A7

24. Papers and Tschai

The Cebu-based creative entrepreneur and mom of 3 boys has been in the business since 2006, inspired by her love for papercraft since childhood. She is well-known for her customized notebooks with materials that are 100% local and also offers bulk orders, medieval bookbinding, custom engraving, and quality inserts.

Materials: Cowhide Leather

Sizes Offered: Travelers Notebook in A6, Pocket, B6, A5, 5″ X 7″, Passport, and Regular

25. Leather Library PH

Inspired by the love of collecting notebooks, reading, and leather, Leather Library was made. Leather Library focuses on covers for notebooks that are hand cut, handstitched, and handcrafted to keep your notebooks protected and well-dressed.

Materials: Full-grain Leather

Sizes Offered: Folios in A5, A6, and Weeks, Moleskine in Pocket Cahier, Large, Large Cahier and Large Expanded, and Travelers Notebook in A5, Standard, and Passport

26. Kat and Sew

 Sewing is something that’s really close to the artist’s heart because her mom is a dressmaker and learned sewing from her. Sewing is her happy pill and decided to make it her business, making covers for bibles, notebook, journals, and planners.

Materials: Mainly cotton fabrics (woven / canvas) with some layers of firming sheets

Sizes Offered: Custom fit cover for any journal

27. Likha ni A

The business started with the goal of raising awareness on ways to help the environment so she came up with a resin journal with recycled papers. Her custom one-of-a-kind resin journals embellished with pressed flowers and leaves is a product of showing one’s love for the environment and its handmade papers are her eco-friendly solutions to traditional paper. The journals come with handmade papers, card stocks, watercolor paper, and tanned book pages.

Materials: Epoxy Resin

Sizes Offered: Rings in A5, A6, and A7

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