Ambry Crafts Finally Launched A Waterproof Sticker Shop

The packaging is really well-thought out! The package is wrapped in custom printed paper and light blue twine string, sealed with the Ambry Crafts logo. On top of that, it is covered with a thick plain white cardstock to ensure it won’t crumple while being delivered.

I opened to a package of gorgeous stickers!

I love personal and handwritten messages. It is in small gestures like these when you can see that a shop owner really loves her craft.

The package came with 4 sticker vinyl die cuts. They are laminated in different finishes, removable, and waterproof.

The “Plan carefully and you will have plenty” book quote comes in a regular laminated finish.

The Ambry Crafts logo comes in a starry laminate touch. To my knowledge, this often comes as a freebie!

I could not test the sticker die cuts out for you because die cut stickers are too precious for me to use it casually. 😂

What catches my attention is this card in the package. It comes with a sticker to test on! And I love experimenting.

The stickers are waterproof, durable, repositionable, color busting, and is writable with any pen or marker. Okay, I am sold.

I tested three pens that I have on hand: Uni Pin Fine Line Pen, Pilot Juice, and Zebra Mildliner.

I tried smudging the sticker and I love how there aren’t any smudges on any of the inks!

I tried putting a drop of water on the sticker and the sticker holds pretty well! The sticker’s print did not scatter and pretty much stayed the same.

It is a different story with the inks, though. The Uni Pin Fine Line Pen’s ink still adhered to the sticker but the other two did not. If you still want your writings to be waterproof, you should still stick to a waterproof pen.

When wiping off the water, the sticker is still intact!

I am not so sure with the repositionable part. I was probably wrong of me to assume that I could peel it off almost like washi tape so I did not peel off the sticker gently. I ended up ruining the card.

But…look at the sticker. Most stickers would have been torn already but the sticker is still intact! It is transferable in a sense that it is more durable compared to ordinary stickers when you try to peel them off a surface.

All in all, the stickers are great! I really love everything: from the packaging with a personal touch to the stickers itself! I just wish there will be a release for sticker sheets for Travelers Notebook soon! I am looking forward to see more sticker designs and maybe even other products!

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