Sneak Peek | Ambry Craft’s First PR Package

Ambry Crafts recently announced a search for her first PR group and I just had to apply!

I am so happy to say that I am one of Ambry’s Pals! This is my first time being a shop rep and I am so elated to share with everyone what’s inside my first PR box!

There’s a teabag in the package, which I did not expect but absolutely because I love tea! I am a tea drinker and this is perfect for me.

There is a duck egg blue ballpen with a gold accent. I am usually biased towards shades of pink but I am loving this color!

I also pulled out another pen that had bubble ball beads inside. While I took off the cap, it actually wasn’t a pen…

…it’s a craft knife! I was really excited to finally own a craft knife, and I want to try if I can cut non-foil washi tapes with it.

The Rainbow Heart Memopad is probably one of my favorites! I love how it mixes pastel blue, pink, and purple into one sheet. This is so pretty that I don’t want to use it too much!

There is “Like a Boss” die cut stickers and the stickers are gorgeous!

I was not expecting to receive planner tabs! I receive two sets. One is a thick textured sticker and another is foam stickers.

I am unsure how to use some of the stickers from the foam sheets like the checkmarks and smileys but I guess I’ll eventually find out!

I also received Bible verse sheets, two kraft and two white sheets (the other white sheet is just not pictured). I will definitely use this for journaling!

Look at the animal deco stickers! I am both a dog and cat person so fortunately I have both sticker sheets!

The box also comes with functional stickers that work great for your planners! It has dates, days of the week, boxes, and decorative dividers.

Just look at the package! Ambry Crafts really stepped up her game by launching products aside from the functional label stickers she initially launched. I am so excited to see what’s in store and what her new products will be. I am hoping for washi tapes!

What’s your favorite Ambry Craft product? I personally go with the memopad!

Want to get a discount? Use my code “AMBRYMICA” to get an additional 10% off for every purchase!

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A Nursing graduate in the so-called mid-life crisis, currently pursing her dreams of becoming a pilot. Exploring her creativity through creative planning, painting, calligraphy and other crafts.

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