Product Review | Noted Journal PH B6 Deluxe Rings in Blush Croc

Ever since Noted Journal PH released the Deluxe Ring Collection, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on this beauty and it has been on my wish list for quite a while already. I loved how it had a top-loading pocket and I decided to have it before the year ends.

And it did come true! My wish came true last week when I was able to receive a brand new planner through a planner swap from Ms. V. I received this as a swap in exchange for my Starbucks Sakura notebook, and I am sooo happy that I have my hands on this planner.

Noted Journal PH’s B6 Deluxe Ring Planner in Blush Croc is made of premium vegan leather. Vegan leather is thinner and more lightweight compared to animal leather. Despite that, the planner is durable and nicely sewn; there’s just something special about owning an item that is handmade.

Handmade planners may not always be perfect and we may not have the exact same planners because it is handcrafted.

This is how the back looks like, and you can see the Noted Journal Logo PH logo embossed.

The planner has one top-loading pocket, one full sleeve at the right side of the planner and two small horizontal sleeves at the left side (back and the front side of the planner if we look at it as a flip through) You can also opt for having name embossed on your planner as well!

The silver rings are 25mm wide, or can fit 2 fingers. This planner is recommended for B6 size inserts, or papers sized 12.5cm by 17.6cm. Inserts are also available at the Noted Journal website here.

The snap closure is long so that it can accommodate a chunky planner. When I received the package, the snap closure was misfolded; but fortunately, I was informed that this kind of leather can heal and go back to its original shape. A few days after opening my package, the fold is now barely noticeable!

The pen loop can accommodate two thin pens and/or pencils or one thick pen. I can fit a pen and pencil or a 4-barrel Pilot Coleto!

The planner can stand on its own. A bit flimsy for now, because the planner is still empty; but can definitely hold once inserts are already placed.

I was most excited about the top loading pocket, but I forgot that I was getting a B6 planner. Back then, I initially planned to have a pocket deluxe rings, I thought of putting some cash as it can serve as a wallet as well…but with a large size like this, I honestly don’t know what to put with it yet! 😂 you can put paper for approximately 14 inches long!

Got a free Kumo sticker sheet as well! Thank you Ms. V.!

You can also choose among 20+ different colors and leather patterns! From plain texture leather, croc leather, to creased leather and colors from pastel, warm and cool colors!

All in all, I love my new planner! I plan to use this as my social media planner. I am still working on what inserts to work on as well as its design so I can’t wait to set this up!

You can buy Noted Journal PH’s Deluxe Ring covers and you can also like them on Facebook and visit their website to check out their amazing collection!

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